Customer Review: Workers ‘Devour’ HART Health’s Industrial Adhesive Bandages

Warehouse workers are accustomed to getting a little banged up on the job. Nothing big, just the normal cuts, nicks and scrapes that come with physical labor. Doug Langston sees it every day as the safety manager at a distribution warehouse for a major package delivery corporation near Seattle.

Langston relies on HART Health’s industrial first aid supplies to address everyday health and safety concerns of the company’s 175 workers. Among the most popular supplies at the bustling warehouse are HART’s industrial adhesive bandages. The company’s workers, who do rough-and-tough jobs such as driving forklifts and lifting heavy packages, get all types of minor abrasions and cuts.

“Eighty percent of our workers are on the front lines doing the heavy lifting,” Langston says. “They tend to devour the bandages, so it’s very fair to call them popular. They have their run of the kits and seem to always be reaching for those adhesive bandages. It’s great because they come in different shapes and sizes and are so much stickier and tougher than your standard over-the-counter bandage.”

HART Health’s industrial strength first aid supplies are designed to be far superior to standard over-the-counter retail products. They are tougher, longer lasting, more effective and typically more affordable.

Langston’s company has been using HART Health’s industrial first aid supplies for years. “I’ve been here since 2003, and they were already a staple by then,” he adds. “They’re just great.”


-HART Health


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