Island Pads’ Keep HART Health’s Industrial Adhesive Bandages in Place

“Island Pad” sounds like an exotic vacation destination but the term has a different meaning at HART Health. A quick look at some of our TUFFLEX and BLUTEC Finger Wrap industrial adhesive bandages shows the careful attention HART puts into product design.

The pad is off-center and one end of the bandage is longer than the other. Each pad is surrounded by a sea of adhesive. HART Health intentionally makes them that way for some very important reasons. When an adhesive bandage has an island pad, adhesive sticks to all the skin around the wound. The seal is tight on all sides and dirt stays out and the bandage stays put. A tighter seal around a wound retains pressure longer, helps heal faster and reduces irritation. HART Health’s Finger-Wrap bandages are uniquely shaped to better cover wounds. The extra-long bandage allows workers to wrap the bandage completely around their finger. This helps the bandage stay on longer, provides more pressure to a cut if it’s bleeding — and is more comfortable. The long end also takes great advantage of HART’s strong adhesive because it fully encircles the finger, creating a secure fit that’s hard to dislodge during a busy day chopping poultry or working on car engines.

You won’t find such attention to detail with brand-name adhesive bandages or bandages a retail store or membership warehouse. HART Health designs its TUFFLEX and BLUTEC Finger Wrap bandages for industrial use with the needs of workers in mind. Workers need bandages to stay secure while their hands get wet, as they sweat and pull gloves on and off during the day. Replacing bandages two or three times a day takes time away from work and adds to the cost of first aid supplies. HART Health’s high-grade industrial adhesive bandages save companies lost time and labor as well as money.
-HART Health


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